Amusement Train

16 Seats Amusement Train HFTT08
1. Power supply: DC 48V
2. Working voltage: 12V-48V
3. Working current: DC <25A (average value)
4. Battery pack: 4 12V150A lead-acid batteries (Super)
5. Charger: Fully automatic intelligent charger 48V/25A
6. At charging time: 8-10 hours
7. cruising range: 40-50Km (6-8 hours)
8. Power: 2.8KW
9. Crew: 16 people
10. Maximum load: compartment, 1000kg / (4 knots)
11. Maximum speed: 7Km / h (full load)
12. Turning radius: 3.5 meters
13. The maximum size of the front: 2700mm * 1100mm * 1900mm
14. Coal water compartment outside dimensions: 1800mm * 1050mm * 1900mm
15. Size of coal water compartment: 1400mm*870mm*1400mm
16. Outer car size: 1800mm*1050mm*1900mm
17. The size of the tail compartment: 1400mm * 870mm * 1900mm.
18. Color can be customized

16 Seats Amusement Train HFTT08
There are retro and elegant trains on the trackless trains, as well as cartoon cute trains. No matter which kind of trackless trains, they must keep up with the trend and design a new generation of attractive small trains. The new children's clowns have no trains. The kids train ride made with the locomotive in front and behind followed by several cartoon seats with a swing-like style for children to play with. Designed for children, the paint is beautifully colored, the whole car is covered with energy-saving and beautiful LED lights, the battery is driven, safe and reliable, and the operation is stable. It is suitable for investment in squares, shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor places.



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