Thrilling Rides

Flying Sky Ride HFGK01
1.Number of guests: 36 seats
2.Equipment height: 56.7m
3.Maximum operating height: 46.3m
4.Slewing diameter: 14.7m
5.Lifting stroke: 43m
6.Installed capacity: 84kW
7.Power: 380 / 220V
8.Operating cycle: 240s
9.Area: φ30m
10.Total equipment weight: 70t

Flying Sky Ride HFGK01
TOP SPIN is one of the most successful attractions , it guarantees breathless, extreme thrilling ride experiences for passengers – a must-have for theme and amusement parks. the TOP SPIN classic has 20 seats in two rows. These rows are located behind each other in an inclined arrangement with all passengers facing the front of the attraction. In addition, the top spin arm begins to swing through an arc and the maximum swing angle is 180°. Riders are secured via over the shoulder safety harnesses. Riders are spun in endless circles delivering gravity forces and sensations that need to be experienced to be believed. The whole process of the spinning amusement park rides are fully automatic control. The attraction offers various ride patterns, such as pendulum movements of the gondola, circular rotations of the gondola in any position, sudden turns following the release of the drum brake and, of course, the multiple spins of the gondola around its suspension axis.



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