How to maintain the amusement equipment?

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What kind of situation are the investors in the park most afraid of in their operations? That's right, it's a safety issue, because once amusement equipment has a safety problem, the park operator will not only face compensation, but also have a great impact on the park's reputation. Safety is no small matter. As an operator, all we can do is take precautions. The following is a summary of some of the maintenance methods for you. Let ’s take a look.

1. Before operating every day, carefully check whether the fasteners are loose; whether there is any looseness in the various parts and welds, and whether there are abnormal sounds during operation. If there are abnormal conditions, stop using them immediately and find out the cause, and completely remove them.

2. The maintenance of the whole machine is generally once every six months; the main transmission parts should be awakened for cleaning, oil change, replacement of wearing parts, etc .; for key parts, check whether the wear is serious, serious, cracked, or welding is abnormal; If found, it must be cleared!

3. The site and the entire equipment should always be kept clean. If there is dirt on the glass fiber reinforced plastic, it can be cleaned with soft cotton yarn and a little washing liquid, and then wiped with a car wax.

4. Rolling bearings and gear pairs are filled with butter monthly, and rolling bearings are lubricated once a day.
Finally, the operator should be reminded that the safety management personnel and maintenance staff of amusement facilities should be qualified by the special equipment safety supervision and management department in accordance with relevant national regulations and obtain the national special operator certificate before they can engage in corresponding operations or management work. . Therefore, when hiring maintenance personnel, pay attention to whether TA has a relevant professional certificate.

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