How do children's parks make continuous profits?

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There are more and more entrepreneurs investing in indoor children's parks. Many entrepreneurs are blind to opening indoor children's parks. Hotfun recommends that everyone make good planning before investing in indoor children's parks. Do you know the preliminary planning of the park? How to do specific project planning? Today, hotfun is here to share some 20 years of experience for everyone.
   1. Site selection suggestions
   Before you determine the location of the store, you need to research and investigate the surrounding business districts, and learn more about the convenience of transportation, traffic flow, pedestrian flow, number of households, spending power, market competition, and so on.
   It is usually more profitable to open a store in a place with convenient transportation, densely populated households, strong consumer spending power, and a large number of potential target audiences.
 2. Capital investment
   The funds for indoor children's parks are generally divided into early and late investments. The early investments include venue rent, renovation costs, equipment costs, certificate processing costs, and advertising costs.
   Later investment includes equipment maintenance costs, later equipment update costs, sanitation cleaning costs, staff salaries, taxes, utilities, etc.
   3. Equipment selection
   For children, the beautiful appearance, colorful lighting and wonderful music are the first elements to attract customers. In order to give customers a good impression in the first time, tourists can become your customers. In addition, the shape must have a certain meaning. , Because people will bring you good luck because of special meaning, so that he will continue to try, and then become your stable source of customers.
   At the same time, when choosing amusement equipment, we must consider cost-effectiveness. In simple terms, the equipment that can accommodate more people at the same price will have higher cost-effectiveness, and cost-effective products can bring a more lively atmosphere to indoor children's playgrounds.
   Finally, it is basic to ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment. If customers have problems while riding your amusement equipment, this will definitely affect the customer's mood of playing, they will think that your product is not good, and this will lose some old customers. So if you want to attract customers for a long time, you must convince customers of your products.
   4. Staff training
   The indoor children's playground is mainly targeted at children, so employees need to have certain skills and patience to do good work for the children, and also include other important tasks of the indoor children's playground.
   If recruitment is the beginning of new employee management, then new employee training is the continuation of the management of new employees by franchise stores. The importance of this management lies in the integration of the franchise store ’s development history, development strategy, operating characteristics, and franchise store culture. When the management system is introduced to new employees, it has a great incentive for employees to enter the job. After the new employees have clarified various rules and regulations, employees can realize self-management and save management costs.
   And through the training required by the post, new employees can quickly fill the post, improve work efficiency, achieve better work performance, and achieve more results with less effort. Through the training of new employees, managers are more familiar with new employees, laying a foundation for future management basis.
   5. Event planning
   It has become common sense to rely on activities to attract customers in all walks of life, so choosing an innovative activity plan can give a good start to indoor children's playgrounds.
   Activities are the main means of children's playground promotion, and the effects are very different depending on the activities. Whenever the holidays come, businesses are worried about what kind of promotions.
   The purpose of the event will be different depending on the purpose of the event. It is recommended that when you plan your event strategy, you must choose the event form according to the overall operating conditions of the store, so that you can achieve the desired event effect within your ability.
   6. Publicity
   The publicity is to let more parents with children know about the indoor children's playground, let them know about the fun activities in the indoor children's playground, and attract them to bring their children to play. This is the result we want. The future of children's amusement park business is good or bad.
   For general indoor children's playgrounds, it is recommended to adopt mobile advertising, handing out leaflets and balloons, banners, signage, new media, and joint publicity.
   There are many ways of publicity. When investing in children's parks, we must take appropriate measures according to our actual situation. Publicity must be fast, accurate, and effective, and effective publicity can create more wealth for our children's park.
   7. Investigation of shop environment and passenger flow
   The quality of the environment has two meanings: one meaning refers to the environmental conditions around the playground; one meaning refers to the prosperity of the location of the store;
   Therefore, when we choose the location of the indoor children's playground, we must consider the surrounding environment of the playground and the prosperity of the business district. For example, the location of the playground is selected in a large shopping mall. The shopping needs of parents also provide convenience for children to play.
   The passenger flow survey is to survey the business district or the rising number of customers, and use this as a reference for the new store turnover system. The target of the survey should be those expectant mothers and young parents.
   Investigate the number of customers entering and leaving the store on different days and at different times, and especially pay attention to the investigation of holidays.
   8. Survey on consumption level
   The uation of consumption level is a complex issue. Generally speaking, the uation of consumption level needs to be uated from many aspects such as housing, transportation and communication, clothing, family, entertainment, education, and medical care.
   The opening of jewelry stores and high-end fashion stores in the areas where the rich are focusing is to target the high income of the target customers. Various commercial villas or graded neighborhoods built around the city are the places where the rich are focusing.
   In addition, the survey on the consumption level of indoor children's parks also needs to look at the proportion of nearby children in the total population. The more children there are, the larger the potential consumer groups of indoor children's parks.
    The above content is the answer to the question of how to make a good plan for the indoor children's park. Although it is not comprehensive, it is helpful to investors. If you need to know more details, you are welcome. Call or field for information.
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